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Car Insurance South Africa


Compare car insurance quotes from South African insurance companies and brokers.  Many people pay too much for their short-term insurance.  We provide you with cheaper quotations through comparative vehicle insurance quotes available in South Africa.


Compare car insurance options and select the one that best suite your needs and budget. 


Different ways exist how you can save on monthly car insurance premiums and varies from insurer to insurer.  Examples include:


-  Increasing your excess in the event of a claim.

-  Insuring your vehicle for Limited Cover instead of Comprehensive Cover.

-  Fitting of a vehicle tracking device.


Certain facts will also be taken into consideration by the insurer to determine your monthly premium.  Examples are:


-  The age of the regular driver.

-  Your claim-free years of insurance.

-  Where you live.

-  The make, model and replacement value of the vehicle; cost and availability of parts.

-  Whether the car is used for business or private purposes.

-  Security measures fitted to the vehicle and overnight parking facility.


Always be sure to get the advice of a reputable car insurance company or broker when selecting a specific cover option and understand what is excluded in the terms and conditions of the product.


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Contacts:  Short Term Insurance:  0860 222 788   |   Life Insurance:  0860 10 53 30

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